MuscleBlaze Weight Gainer with Added Digezyme, 6.6 lb, Chocolate


  • MuscleBlaze Weight Gainer 6.6 lb Chocolate is loaded with 12g of protein per 100g of serving which helps to promote healthy weight gain in men and women
  • This supplement helps to provide 387 calories per serving which helps in effective development of new muscles and prevents muscle loss for healthy weight gain
  • Fortified with DigeZyme, a blend of digestive enzymes that help in the effective absorption and digestion of essential nutrients in the body
  • MuscleBlaze Weight Gainer 6.6 lb Chocolate helps to fill dietary gaps, and the added vitamins and minerals act as a catalyst to enhance the functionality of various other nutrients
  • MuscleBlaze Weight Gainer Chocolate is packed with the benefits of an ideal blend of fast and slow acting carbohydrate sources