GXN Armour Whey Protein 2kg


The best whey protein available is Armour Whey, which is precisely formulated to provide 23g of 100% whey protein every 40g serving. This product has low levels of cholesterol, sugar, fat, and carbs. Each serving has 4.2 g of L-glutamine, 2.4 g of creatine monohydrate, and 5 g of EAA. The reliable company Greenex Nutrition offers a heavy-duty protein powder that comes in packs of 2 pounds, 4.4 pounds, and 8.8 pounds (GXN). When compared to whey protein pricing in India, this is the best whey protein available. With this product, you can now order the best whey protein online while relaxing at your house.

  • Since whey protein is often absorbed more quickly than other types of protein, muscle protein synthesis is increased.
  • It provides a significant amount of l-leucine, which is thought to be the most crucial amino acid for promoting Muscle Protein Synthesis (MPS).
  • It is made using top-notch components that are typically utilized in the body’s cells to produce cellular energy. The best whey protein powder is as a result.